1. Personal Stylists are well informed on a broad range of brands & merchandise quality.
2. Quicker shopping time. No browsing only shopping with intent.
3. To understand your body shape, what flatters you and what to avoid.
4. Make the most of the items you already own.
5. Get the most value for your money. No impulse or regretful purchases.
6. Build a strong trustworthy relationship with your Personal Stylist as “YOU” are the top priority.
7. Each piece you buy will be versatile.
8. Learn what colours work best to enhance you.
9. Gain a great confidence boost.
10. Long term investment, own and wear only pieces that you love.
If any of these resonate with you I would love to hear from you and I offer a no obligation complimentary initial consultation.
Call Tracey on 1300 701 188 or email.